Morris Garages have been selling carpet kits for Morris Minors since 1978.

Moulded carpet kit for Morris Minor 1000
This kit is a two piece moulded set.
You can easily access the brake master cylinder,
as it this kit does not cover the sill.
Sill sections are supplied in the complete kit.
The moulded kit is only for the Morris Minor 1000 at this
stage, and is produced in loop pile and cut pile in
many different colours.

Current price - Moulded kit... $ 225.00
Front mat only ...$ 145.00
Rear mat only ...$ 115.00

Carpet kit to original pattern for SII Morris Minor
This kit is cut to the original patterns for the SII model Morris Minor,
and made right here in Melbourne by a local manufacturer.
They are what we call our two piece front and rear mat and come
complete with sill and kick panel sections.
This kit is available in loop pile or cut pile in many different colours.

Current price carpet kit - original pattern... $ 275.00
Front mat only ...$ 195.00
Rear mat only ...$ 115.00

Moulded Carpet Kit Colours

Two peice moulded carpet kit

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Updated 24/9/07