Our dual circuit brake master cylinder conversion kit is both simple
and strong and is made to our usual high standard.
It was designed in 2004 by Morris Garages in consultation with
our engineer.... who manufactures all our kits.

The kit is designed to fit in the original position and comes complete
with the correct brake resistant hose for the remote reservoir.

The remote reservoir mounts on the right hand inner guard, near the firewall.
... This makes it easier to keep an eye on brake fluid levels.

 The kit includes a new master cylinder, aluminium mount,
high tensile bolts and brake fluid resistant hoses.
Current price of this kit is $365.00


                       PLEASE NOTE:  All our conversion kits and modifications have been fully tested over the past twenty five years,
                                                  both on the roads and in competition on the race tracks of Victoria. They have passed engineering
                                                  tests and have proved safe for use on Victorian roads.

                                                  Our conversion kits are manufactured to the highest standard by fully qualified professional
                                                  engineers to our registered patterns... So please be careful if you are offered a cheaper kit, as
                                                  it might be an inferior 'backyard' copy of one of our original designs.
                                                  Over the past 25 years we have seen and had to replace &/or re-engineer many engine, brake,
                                                  and suspension conversions on 100's of modified Morris Minors in Victoria so that they could pass
                                                  a RWC... Most of them were done by unqualified backyard 'mechanics' and some of them were
                                                  just outright dangerous!

                                                  Our Marina disc brake conversion is considered to be an approved modification under Vic Roads
                                                  VSI 8 and therefore does NOT require an engineer's certificate... although this kit has passed
                                                  engineering tests done on modified Morris Minors over the past 20 years.

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Updated 25/7/07