Morris Garages has owned a fibreglass 'tilt front' mould since 1982, which not many people knew about until very recently, when we started receiving enquiries for these from the USA.
According to our American customers, we were the only company in the world that could supply this product!
Australia is a very limited market for this type of product, and we have been surprised that we have sold more of these to the USA in the last two years than in Australia since the mould was first produced in 1979.
Among the noteable Australian Modified Morris Minors which have our fibreglass front is Kevin Moore's black Morris Minor Panelvan 'SQUAW'.... In fact this was the reason the mould was made in the first place!

In 2001 we sent sent four fronts to America and one was to be fitted to a Chev V8 powered 1000 Pickup.

The mould was originally only made to suit the Morris Minor 1000, but in 1990 we had it altered so that we could turn-out the SII (split screen) fronts as well.

These fronts are very light and can be hinged, so that they will tilt forward, or made to lift straight off on pins.

Our fibreglass fronts are quality products that are manufactured to a very high standard by a local firbreglass specialist, who has been making our fibreglass products since the mid 1980's.

Fibreglass fronts ready for packing and shipping to an o/seas customer

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Updated 18/3/04