Nissan / Datsun A12, A14, A15 Engine Conversion:

1. Disconnect battery and remove.

2. Unbolt and remove front bumper.

3. Disconnect radiator hoses, unbolt grill and remove grill and radiator support panel assembly.

4. Disconnect all wiring, accelerator cable, fuel line, exhaust pipe, tail shaft and clutch linkage making sure that you keep all of the bolts.

5.  Unbolt front engine mounts from the chassis rails. Unbolt and remove gearbox mount and cross member then remove engine and gearbox from vehicle.

6. Degrease engine bay.

7. Using the original bolts, fit the clutch adjusting plate into the position where the clutch relay shaft bushes were fitted.

8. Using the measurements supplied in these fitting instructions (ref. Fig.1), bend-up the edges on the driver's side rail to allow clearance for the Nissan/Datsun oil filter. Also bend the overlapping sheet metal down at the front of the chassis to allow for the sump to clear when installing the power unit. If you are using the later A14/A15 Nissan engine with the long branch (cast) exhaust manifold, then you will also need to bend down the over-lapping sheet metal on the right-hand chassis rail to allow extra clearance for the exhaust to exit between the engine block and the rail (ref. Fig.1). (This is not necessary when using the earlier 1200/120y engine, as the exhaust manifold is shorter and can exit the original position). You will need to use an oxy torch to heat-up these sections so as to bend it easily.

9. Before the motor and gearbox can be fitted, (if using the Datsun 120y g/box) the rib on the top of the Nissan/Datsun bell-housing must be ground back to allow clearance for the steering rack. If you are using the Nissan A14/A15 gearbox, this has a bigger bell-housing and a 'V' must be cut out of the top of the bell-housing to allow for enough clearance on the rack (ref. Fig.3)…You could make a cover out of aluminium for this, but we have had no problems with this in the past…. considering that it would provide extra ventilation for the clutch.

10. The clutch fork arm must also be bent down slightly to clear the rack and pinion.

11. Fit the two slotted engine-mounting brackets up to the Nissan/Datsun engine. These have been machined so that they can be adjusted so that the engine can be set-up in the correct position.

12. Fit the gearbox mount using the original Nissan/Datsun bolts.

13. Remove the elbow (heater pipe) at the back of the Nissan/Datsun cylinder head and plug the outlet with the gas plug provided, making sure that you grind-off the plug as close to the back of the cylinder head as possible.

14. Fit the motor and gearbox to the engine bay, making sure that the engine is fitted as far back as possible to the firewall. Bolt-up the front engine mounts and the rear cross member provided in the kit. Check all clearances and using 'C' clamps, clamp the front and rear engine mounts into the correct positions. Then drill two holes on each side of the rear cross member through the chassis rails and fit four 5/16 unf bolts…it's best to weld the nuts inside the rails so that they will be captive (nuts) just like the original Morris bolts were. The holes can now be drilled through the front engine mounts into the chassis using the holes already pre-drilled and eight 5/16 unf bolts fitted.

15. Correctly position the clutch cable hook (provided) so that it pulls the clutch cable at the correct angle, clamp it in position, then weld it onto the outside of the original Morris Minor clutch pedal. Fit the clutch cable-mounting bracket (supplied) to the chassis rail…. (This bolts-up to where the original bronze/rubber mount went which was part of the original clutch mechanical linkage). Fit the modified Nissan/Datsun clutch cable, making sure that you set it up correctly and adjust it…. You will probably need to space the clutch cable mounting bracket out from the rail (using the original spacer) so that the cable lines-up with the extended clutch pedal (hook).

16. When fitting the fuel lines remove the Morris electric fuel pump and run a piece of fuel hose from the original steel fuel pipe under the front of the battery box and down to the Nissan/Datsun mechanical fuel pump.

17. Remove the original Nissan/Datsun fan blades, as they are too thick. The original radiator is used and it is recommended that an electric thermatic fan be used, however the Morris Minor blades can be made to fit of they are re-drilled or the hoes just filed out and then your Morry will retain that original Morris fan sound!

18. Fit the accelerator cable. This is a  Nissan Sunny unit and will fit in the exact location of the original Morris Minor cable. Fit the Nissan/Datsun gear lever and gearbox floor cover. The Nissan/Datsun gear lever should be able to be positioned very close to the same place as the original Morris Minor unit.

19. Wire-up the starter motor and alternator. Make sure that you use the Nissan/Datsun alternator with the built-in regulator, as this can be re-wired easily by a qualified auto electrician. This is a matter of rewiring the original Morris Minor regulator so that it is, in effect, by-passed. The polarity will now be negative earth, so you will need to turn the battery around making sure that you label it 'neg earth' to avoid any confusion in the future. (Morris Garages can do the wiring for you if you wish).

20. The exhaust system will need to be custom made by an exhaust specialist. We recommend that a 1.75" or 2" diameter system with a free flow muffler is fitted. (Morris Garages can recommend a reputable exhaust specialist).

21. The drive-shaft should also be custom made by a drive-shaft specialist, but there are some 120y model drive-shafts that will fit (the 120y wagon)….Take your measurements down to you local Nissan/Datsun wrecker and you might save some money! (Morris Garages can recommend a reputable drive-shaft specialist).

22. It is not unroadworthy (in Vic) if your speedo doesn't work, but you will probably want to know how fast you are going anyway to avoid those nasty speed cameras and the huge fines that go with them! Therefore the speedometer will need to be recalibrated by an instrument specialist (you can find them in the Yellow pages). The speedo cable can be custom made by the instrument specialist or Morris Garages can supply you with one for about $65.00. (Morris Garages can recommend a reputable instrument specialist).

  Parts supplied in the kit:

1 X Nissan clutch cable.

1 X Clutch cable mounting bracket.

1 X Clutch cable hook.

1 x Nissan Sunny accelerator cable.

2 X Engine mounting brackets (slotted).

2 X Front engine mounts (fabricated and pre-drilled).

1 X Gearbox mount (modified).

1 X Rear mount cross member (pre-drilled).

1 X Gas plug (to plug rear of cylinder head).

Chassis rail modifications:

Bend-down the edges
of the over lapping-
sheet metal to gain
clearance for exhaust
pipe (A14/A15 only)

Bend-up the edges of the
over-lapping sheet metal                                                                          FRONT
to clear Nissan/Datsun
oil filter approx. 7"
Bend-down the edges of the
over-lapping sheet metal for
sump clearance

Modification to Nissan A14/A15 gearbox bell housing:

A 'V' must be cut out of the top
of the A14/A15 bell housing to
 allow for enough clearance on
the steering rack

(Fig.3) Nissan A14/A15 gearbox (4/5 speed)

Nissan / Datsun A12, A14, A15 Engine Mounting Kit

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Updated 18/3/04